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A platform to share art related events where Iraqi artists are participants or organisers.  To feature your event e.g. art exhibition, performance, recital, launch, film or other please provide details including: jpg image, title, type of event, date, name/s of participating artist/s, venue, brief description and contact details.  Listing may be edited and is subject to the approval of iNCiA core committee members.

Solo Exhibition

Black Rain

Yousif Nasser
Iraqi Cultural Centre

14-28 Sept 2012

Black Rain is series of monumental painting and smaller ink drawings in expression of the pain of war as experienced by those who are caught up in it, irrespective of the side. It is crucial for me to show no political allegiance in my work. My aesthetic sympathies are focused on visually expressing the dramatic experience of fear, grief, physical pain, anger and terror endured in the region, including Iraqis of all backgrounds and political persuasions.  Yousif Nasser was born in Iraq 1952.  He holds a BA Painting Academy of Fine Art in Baghdad 1975, MA Art Middlesex University, London.  Held solo exhibitions in Europe and the Middle East numerous group exhibitions. Founded the Ark Studio Gallery in London 1997; a voluntary art venue for the making and showing of innovative and issue based art forms.   yousifark@yahoo.co.uk www.yousifnaser.com www.arkspace.org.uk

Exhibition Duo
Hana Malallah and Kennard Phillipps

20 Apr - 8 Jun 2012

The Mosaic Rooms

Happened in the Dawn
Hanaa' Malallah

Venice Beinnale
Iraqi Pavilion

Acqua Ferita Wounded Water
Six Iraqi artists interpret the theme of water: Adel Abidin, Ahmed Alsoudani, Ali Assaf, Azad Nanakeli, Halim al-Kerim, Walid Siti


Qassim Alsaedy

22 Apr - 28 May 2011

Diversity and Art

Born Baghdad 1949, AlSaedy studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad from 1969-73. He was a student of the late Shakir Hassan al-Said, one of the most significant and influential artists of Iraq and even the Arab World. During his time at the academy Alsaedy was arrested and imprisoned for almost a year. Free again in1979, he organized with other Iraqi artists an exhibition in Lebanon, as a statement against the Iraqi regime. Back in Iraq, he joined the Kurdish rebels in the North, where he also was active as an artist and even exhibited in tents. After the Anfal campaign against the Kurds in 1988 he withdrew to Libya where he could work in relative freedom and where he became a teacher at the Art Academy of Tripoli until 1994, when he came to the Netherlands.  Alsaedy's work is dominated by two themes, love versus pain and the ongoing cycle of growth and decay, a recycling of material when man leaves his characters and traces as a sign of existence through the course of history. Love is represented by beauty in bright and deep colors. The pain from the scars of war and destruction is visualized by the empty cartridge cases from the battlefield or represented by the rusty nails, an important element in many of his works. "The pain has resolved as the nails are completely rusted away", states Alsaedy. In his three dimensional work, the duality of pain and beauty is always the main theme.  For this occasion Qassim Alsaedy will present his installation of several objects 'Shortly after the War'. The ceramic objects are created in collaboration with the Dutch/German artist Brigitte Reuter.

Diversity & Art


Rashad Selim

Sound Base

19 Aug - 26 Sept 2010

Janet Rady Fine Art

Presented during the holy month of Ramadhan, this thought provoking exhibition features works from the Re-Piano project including prints, juxtapositions, book art and  projections shown for the first time as well as workshops throughout.  janet@janetradyfineart.com


Khalid al-Qassab


In Memory of Dr Khalid Qassab

& Book Signing

Ali Talib

12 Dec 2009

Karim Gallery
Amman Jordan

Group Show

The Reces-

4 - 7 Dec 2009
Somerset UK
Middle East and European Art
Iraqi Artists featured are Rashad Selim, Maysaloun Faraj, Khalid al-Jadir, Hana Mal Allah and Feisal Laibi


Sadik Alfraji

15 Nov - 13 Dec 2009

For the Love of Zainab

Hague, Netherlands
Seasons Galleries
Sadik Alfraji

Group Show
4 Dec 2008
to 27 Feb 2009
Gandy Gallery

Artists: Wamidh al Ameri,Salam Haddad,Wathiq al Ameri & Ali al Fatwawi curated by Roza El-Hassan.

Ghassan Malik

SOLO Exhibition

Boats and Burdens: Kites and Shattered Dreams


25 Mar-25 Jun 2009

ayagallery London

For the women of Iraq who despite burden upon unprece-
dented burden stand tall, proud and resilient, like her precious date palms nurturing like the sweet waters of Dijla and Furat.  And for her children who will reclaim the skies with their imagination, the future with their dreams. 
A culmination of three decades of sheer inspiration, creativity and intense artistic involvement, this collection of paintings and ceramics in tribute to Iraq's heroic women is essentially Faraj's response to the war on Iraq, her land and her people.  Tomorrow my Heart will Heal Earthstone  30x19x10cm  2008


Dia Azzawi

21 Mar-10 Apr 2009

Emirates Palace Hotel
Abu Dhabi Music & Arts Foundation

Group Show
Paris, France
22 Jan-28 Feb 2009

Talents from the East

Gallery Orenda
Karim Saifou with artists from Japan, Poland, Turkey and Iran.

Group Show
2 July - 2 Sept 2008
Karim Sifo

This work by Karim Sifo is from a collection entitled Mind and Liberty.  The exhibition will be traveling to five other French cities as well as Lisbon.

Solo Exhibition

6-18 Jul 2008

Karim al-Asadi

Approaching a Hope

Posk Gallery

Group Show
Utrechet, the Netherlands

12-29 Jun 2008

The New Salon
CBK-Utrech & Central Museum

Sadik Alfraji
participates with fifty solo artist in a presentation featuring a video installation and a series of drawings entitled Identity has a Face with no Features. 

Solo Show
16-21 June 2008

Mustafa Ja'far

Black Words in Red Ink Iraq War

Menier Gallery
See iNCiA Supported Projects for details.

Solo Exhibition
Afifa Aleiby
29 Mar - 10 May 08
Den Haag
De Twee Pauwen Gallery

In the words of Hans Vogels '... The figures in Afifa Aleiby's work reflect in an absolutely serene silence the tragic event or traumatic experience that is still being dealt with. Classical Greek or Roman sculptures are particularly well-suited to express such metaphors. Although they cannot speak, their appearance tells you enough of their past. Likewise, the titles Afifa Aleiby gives to her works, such as 'Dreaming on the Grass', 'Abandoned' or 'Silence', refer to solitude and an overall feeling of desertion. Nonetheless, her paintings are not overtly pessimistic. A recent work, entitled 'Tree of Life' indicates this in its depiction of a mother with child. Moreover, her works often feature humoristic or mysterious elements, such as balloons or masks. Her bright colours also make her paintings attractive and pleasant to watch. The facts that her paintings provoke thought, and are more than merely depictions of external reality; make her a prominent representative of the contemporary 'Scuola Metafysica'.'

Solo Exhibition
Ali Talib
14 - 28 Apr 2008
Dubai, UAE
Green Art Gallery

Joint Exhibition Germany
15 Mar - 16 April 2008
Gravid Periods
Sami & Reinhard Frotscher
Markgraf Gallery

Solo Exhibition Dubai
11 - 23 Feb 2008
Firyal al-Adhami
Cards from Meso-
potamia II
Green Art Gallery

In the words of Firyal 'I will continue to raise the question of our ravaged cultural heritage through paintings and exhibitions.  However, I suspect there was a method behind the madness. For all we know, in 40-50 years, you may see our looted artefacts publicly displayed in shows all over the world. They could even be auctioned in Baghdad.'

Solo Exhibition London
1-31 Mar 2008
Alaa Siraih
A&C Gallery
My city is either a souvenir or a reality that can be looked at through a sensitive eye and an emotional and excited mind. It is an attempt to fix my longings on canvas. Though it is not an invitation to go back to the past, it reflects the need to go beyond the coloured spaces and behind the entrances of my cities which are built on the ground of the past as it was in itself life waiting to be set free from its captivity.

Group Show
24 Jan - 29 Feb 2008
Galerie Im Zentrum
Participating Artists:
- M Sami
- Ulrich Wilhelm Ropke
- Reinhard Fotscher

Solo Exhibition
10 Nov 2007 - 13 Jan 2008

Sadik Kwaish Alfraji

Born April 9th 

Stedelijk Museum Herto-

Iraqi born artist Sadik Kwaish Alfraji (Baghdad, 1960) can not get round the current situation in his native country.  He resides in the Netherlands, but lives the same fear and threat as his fellow countrymen.  This has a significant influence on his work.  One enormous painting and an eleven-part video installation provide a penetrating view of how the events in Iraq are reflected in his work.  In the word of Alfraji 'This exhibition is not a description of a war or the daily death lived in Iraq.  It is a birth certificate of a Plague that has filled the air in the name of 'Freedom', a freedom that has been dreamt of by Iraqis for generations.  I invite you to read my painting, not to merely look at them'.

Group Exhibition
The Hague, Netherlands
19 Oct  2007 - 31 Jan 2008

Green Zone: Red Zone
With the opening of Gemak: Centre for Non-Western Arts and Politics

Participating Artists: Adel Abidin, Wafaa Bilal, Nedim Kufi, Hana Mal Allah and Rashad Selim (Iraq), Peter Kennard & Cat Picton Phillipps (UK), Paul Chan (USA) and Mark Bijl (NL) and The Open Shutters: Iraq photography project and documentaries made by the Independent Film & Television College, Baghdad. 

The artists explore the currently ongoing scission in Baghdad between a corporate international Green Zone and a Red Zone where the infrastructure of civilian life is relentlessly destroyed. This includes such intangibles as the Iraqi secular culture; attack on Al-Mutanabi Street Book Market.  What is happening in Iraq may be seen as an extreme form of the privatization of government, the abandonment of public services, and an apocalyptic security ideology, which is also being used to reshape Western societies. A debate cycle, a public art project by Rashad Selim and a research looking at the 'green lines' in Den Haag will bring this debate home, to the seat of Dutch government and of many institutions of international law. Gemak is a co-operation project between the Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and the Vrije Academie, Werkplaats voor Beeldende Kunsten. This exhibition is further supported by Kosmopolis Den Haag, Hivos NCDO Culture Fund, and the Prince Bernhard Culture Fund.  For further information and contacts see Gemak.

Solo Exhibition
Northampton, UK
13 Oct - 25 Nov 2007
Satta Hashem
Colour, Love and Mind
Northampton Museum & Art Gallery

In the words of Satta Hashem "This exhibition is an extension of the scientific theory about the brain in romantic love.  The theme is related to my general understanding of love, not just as a process between two people but as a wider feeling connected to other experiences.  Colour, which is my subject, I am now relating to the feeling of love because colour is not a physical thing; it is sensation, like feeling hot or cold. Mixing the sensations of colour and love was my aim in creating this exhibition."  Contact Lois Winstanley lwinstanley@northampton.gov.uk

Photography Exhibition
London UK
3 Oct - 2 Nov 2007

Open Shutters: Iraq
South Bank
An extraordinary experimental exhibition of personal photo stories brings real life in Iraq to London's South Bank.  In the spring of 2007 a group of 8 Iraqi women and a six year old child participated in a unique creative event.  Using digital photography, the women set out at considerable risk to make deeply personal and emotional photo stories of their lives in Iraq, now.  Open Shutters Iraq will receive a 4 week preview at The Scoop at MoreLondon (Queen's Walk), before its European tour.  The stories are presented using internally lit monoliths, aligned along the bank to form a complete, temporary sculpture which allows their pictures and testimony an illuminating presence at the heart of London (Free Admission and lit until 1am daily).  Open Shutters is an in-depth participatory photography programme that helps women share personal emotional experiences with the wider world through images and text. The focus is on women from diverse communities and cultures, women who live and work outside the public forum. Partnerships, training and practical support are all provided.   Eugenie Dolberg (eugeniedolberg@gmail.com),  artistic director of open shutters and Maysoon Pachachi, documentary film maker can be available for interview. In the words of Eugenie "It is not that stories of kidnapping, soldiers occupying your house, brothers and fathers disappearing in prisons and narrow escapes from death are all that unfamiliar, but the actual lived experience is full of often unexpected consequences. I feel that the truth of events lies inside the people who live them, but, sadly, this truth is so often silenced".  Contact:  Ade Lukes (ade@indexoncensorship.org).  Supported by The Foreign Ministry of Norway, Index on Cencorship, MoreLondon and Standard 8.

Video Art
Mohammed al-Shimmary

Book Publication
The Orange Trees of Baghdad:
In Search of my Lost Family
A memoir by Leilah Nadir with photos by Farah Nosh

Born to an Iraqi-Christian father and a British mother, and raised in Britain and Canada, Leilah Nadir has never set foot on Iraqi soil. Distanced from her Iraqi roots through immigration and now cut off by war, the closest link she has to the nation is through her father, who left Baghdad in the 1960s when he was sixteen to pursue his studies in England. He never looked back, until now, through his daughter's journey to uncover her lost family roots.  Her father's most vivid memory is of the garden at the family house: the rosebushes that lined the walls, the date palm that intermingled with the palm fronds, and the orange tree that hung over the roses. His Iraq is of mythical origins; his beginnings are in a garden. But through her cousins still living in Baghdad she experiences the thunderous explosions that continuously rain down upon the country today, and describes losing their great-aunt in the terrifying aftermath of the invasion. Leilah's friend, photographer Farah Nosh, brings home news of Leilah's family after her visits to Iraq, as well as stunning photos of civilians and their often tragic stories. And just as Leilah gives up hope of ever meeting her family, a surprise reunion takes place.

Solo Exhibition
Massachusetts USA
1-29 Nov  2007
MJ Alhabeeb
Burnett Gallery
Preview 1 Nov 2007

Solo Exhibition
Trondheim, Norway
9 Sept - 20 Oct 2007
And So Trees were Named
Yahya al-Sheikh
Lilya Gallery

Solo Exhibition
Amman Jordan
5-26 Sept 2007
Mohammed Ghani Hikmet
Orfali Gallery

Joint Exhibition
London UK

6 June - 6 Sept 2007

Sophisticated Ways: Destruction of an Ancient City
Hana Mal Allah and Rashad Selim

Directed by Christine Garabedian; introduced by Raji Omar Stolen Dreams is a 22-minute documentary following the artists Hana Mal Allah, Rashad Selim and Maysaloun Faraj in the lead up to the exhibition Sophisticated Ways in the Destruction of an Ancient City recently held at ayagallery. A two-part online feature of the film is now viewable on Witness.

Joint Project
Baghdad Iraq
Al-Adhamya Wall Conversion
April 2007

Iraqi artists in Baghdad join forces to convert the 'American' concrete barriers  set up around the Adhamiya district into huge art murals.  For further visuals see iNCiA Supported Projects.  For urther information in Arabic see Iraqi Fine Arts.

Joint Exhibition
Manama, Bahrain
8-18 April 2007

Positive: Negative
Ghassan Ghayeb & Nazar Yahya
Albareh Art Gallery

Typewriter and Poetry by Mahmoud Darwish
Ghassan Ghayeb
Mixed media

Group Exhibition
Baghdad, Iraq
April  2007

Reliefs de La Memoire
Hewar Gallery

Participating Artists: Qassim al-Sabti, Akram Naji, Hayder Ali, Shaddad Abdul Qah'har, Karim Saifou

Group Exhibition
11-17 April 2007
Birds of War
Hawks, Doves and Illegal Eagles
Candid Arts Trust Gallery

A dynamic collaboration between british and Iraqi artists and their unique interpretations of the Iraq conflict to mark the fourth anniversary of the Iraq invasion.   Participating artists: Tanya Tier, Firyal al-Adhamy, Lou Mckeever, Anahit Sarkes, Alaa Siraih and Kadhim al-Khalifa.  In conjunction with stop the war coalition and cnd.

Joint Exhibition
Poetry Recital
26 Feb-9 Mar 2007
Island of Treasures

In collaboration with De Montfort University and Cultural Exchanges Arts Programme, Shree Jalaram Community Centre hosts this exhibition; a celebration of Islamic and Arabic culture featuring the work of four contemporary artists; John Lancaster, Satta Hashem (Leicester based painters), Abdulkareem Kased and Awad Nasir (London based poets).  The exhibition explores the influence of ancient Arabic culture on the artists individual practices, reflecting points of common interest through the visual language as well as differences evident in their cultural and educational backgrounds.  Some of Hashem's work is inspired by the poetry of both participating poets.  Other paintings are work in progress for a commission by The National Museums Liverpool on the theme of 'Freedom'.  For John Lancaster the importance of craft and the intense focus on painting result in large works.  An educational programme with talks by the artists and poetry recitals accompany the exhibition.  Contacts: aculturalexchanges@dmu.ac.uk, johnlancaster@ntlworld.com, hashem59@yahoo.com

Solo Exhibition
2-16 Dec 2006
Postcards from

Firyal al-Adhamy

Inspired by Al-Adhamy's reaction to the tragic looting of the Museum of Baghdad in 2003, this exhibition is a unique collection of recent paintings in tribute.  Moved by an article by Robert Fisk entitled Civilization Torn to Pieces, Firyal's immediate impulse was to try to put back these missing pieces through art.  A colourful interpretation of the ancient history of Iraq in these tumultous times.  The show was under the patronage of HE Shaikh Rashid Bin Khalifa Al Khalifa.

Solo Exhibition
Toronto, Canada
25 Feb 2007
Human Rights from Anfal to Now
Dara Aram
Cedar Ridge Art Gallery
Presented by Dara Aram, a Toronto-based artist, born in Kurdistan, Iraq.  The exhibition demonstrates the concerns about global atrocities and explores the human devastation of the genocidal Anfal campaign by the former Iraqi regime spanning from 1980-88.  The presentation will also include Kurdish music performed by Farzad and a speech by Dr Hassanpour/Professor at the University of Toronto.  daraaram2@hotmail.com

Solo Exhibition
Damascus Syria
25 Feb 2006-15 Mar 2007
Ali Talib
Attassi Gallery

Group Exhibition
New York, USA
19 Jan 2007
Centre for Book Arts

features works by Dia al-Azzawi, Sadiq Kawish Alfraji, Ammar Dawod,Mohammad, Fakher, Ismail Fattah, Ghassan Gha'eb, Nedim Kufi,Hana' Malallah, Moaid Nama, Rafa al-Nasiri,  Mahmmud al-Obidi, Ibrahim Rashied, Kareem Rissan, Shakir Hassan Al Said, Mohammed al-Shamary,  Samar Usama, and Nazar Yahya.
Organized by Dr. Nada Shabout, Assistant Professor of Art History at the University of North Texas.  Contact Program Manager Sarah Nicholls snicholls@centerforbookarts.org

Solo Exhibition
Amman, Jordan
29 Nov-16 Dec 2006
Mohammed Muhrildin
Dar al-Anda

Born Basra, Iraq, 1938.  Studied painting in Baghdad 1956-9.  Degree in Arts from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Poland, 1966.  Granted an Honorary Award, Sixth Asian Art Biennial, Bangladesh, 1993; 1st Prize, 2nd International Festival, 1988; 2nd Prize, Ankara First International Art Biennial, Turkey; Honorary Prize, International Poster Exhibition, Baghdad, 1986.  Lives and works in Amman, Jordan.

Group Show
New York USA
7-27 Dec 2006
Agora Gallery
Including the works of Walid al-Qaisi

Solo Exhibition
Manama Bahrain
Hana Mal Allah
Albareh Gallery

Group Exhibition
Oct 2006-Feb 2007

In follow up to the British Museum's groundbreaking ayagallery Word into Art exhibition (May-Sept 2006) ayagallery is proud to present this show featuring 'word' based art drawn from ayagallery's own collection of In-House artworks as well as new works in a range of media to include painting, sculpture, ceramics, photogrpahy and appleque (layered textile).  Participating artists are Halla Ayla, Hamza Bounoua, Taha al-Hiti, Maysaloun Faraj, Karim Farhan, Said Farhan, Rashad Selim and the budding young talent Nadya Mousawi.  Please see Exhibitions.

Solo Exhibition
Berlin, Germany
6 Oct 2006
Sixth One-Man Exhibition
Munir al-Ubaidi

Galerie Bildersschmuck
Krossener Str. 34
10245 Berlin
T 030 2977 0810
E Munir_alubaidi@

Watercolour on paper

Solo Exhibition
13-27 Sept 2006

Love and Death
Ali Talib

Orfali Gallery
Amman, Jordan


Sacrifice Mixed media on canvas 130x160cm 2006

Group Exhibition
London, UK
18 May-2 Sept 2006

Word into Art

Artists of the Modern Middle East

The British Museum
Admission Free  

Word into Art presents highlights of the contemporary art and culture emerging from the Middle East and North Africa today. The works displayed, many shown for the first time, reflect issues of identity and politics, and the richly diverse artistic heritage of the region. A powerful theme running through all the works is how artists engage and experiment with the Arabic script. Word into Art not only testifies to the strong calligraphic tradition of the Middle East, but also demonstrates the powerful and imaginative ways in which artists are using writing today.  The exhibition is curated by Dr Venetia Porter (curator at the British Museum, specializing in the collections of Islamic art and the contemporary art of the Middle East).  She is also the author of the coinciding Word into Art book.  The event is sponsored by Dubai Holding. Over 80 visual artists from across the modern Middle East are represented.  Iraqi artists form the largest represented group from one country!  This includes: Iman ABDULLAH . Dia AZZAWI . Shaker Hassan AL SAID. Salah Faisal al- ALI. Ghani al- ANI. Sina ATA . Suad al-ATTAR . Wasma al-CHORBACHI Maysaloun FARAJ. Said FARHAN. Ghassan GHAIB. Sati HASHIM. Mustafa JAFAR. Salam KHEDHER. Hassan MASSOUDY. Mohammed MUHRILDIN. Rafa al- NASIRI . Mediha OMAR. Kerim RISSAN. Rashad SELIM. Mohammed al- SHAMMERY. Nazar YAHYA

Solo Exhibition
London, UK
4 Jan - 30 June 2006

Issam El Said:
Artist . Scholar . Thinker

This presentation is in conjunction with selected exhibits drawn from ayagallery's In-House collection of works by Iraqi Artists.  Exhibits are at ayagallery and issam-el-said.co.uk
Allah al-Kalima . Oil on canvas . 50x50cm . 1986 . IS 331

Solo Exhibition
Amman, Jordan
18 Jan-15 Feb 2006

Ahmed Al Bahrani

4 Walls 

Solo Exhibition
Amman, Jordan
21 Nov-7 Dec 2005

Ismail Fattah
paintings . prints . sculptures

4 Walls
The opening of this show is under the patronage
of The Minister of Culture HE Mr Amin Mahmoud.

Solo Exhibition
Doha, Bahrain
20 Nov-10 Dec 2005

Himat Mohamed Ali
A tribute to Shaker Hassan Al Said

Al-Riwaq Gallery
This show is under the patronage of
Al-Shaikha May Bint Mohamed Al-Khalifa

Exhibition Tour
Michigan, USA
17 Oct 2005

25th Annual Print Competition

Clack Art Center
Alma College, Michigan
Tour venues: Flora Kirsch Beck Gallery, Alma College, MI
14 Nov-15 Dec 2005 Kellog Community College, Battle Creek, MI
Jan-6 Feb 2006 Crooked Tree Art Council, Petoesky, MI
14 May 18 June 2006 The Scarub Club, Detroit, MI  
Contact Professor Lopez-Isnardi

Etching by Dr Hashim al-Tawil
Operation Iraqi Freedom

Group Exhibition
Sydney, Australia
11 Aug-10 Sept 2005

Songs of Travelling Birds:
Iraqi Artists in Exile

Blacktown Arts Centre
Mazin Ahmed, Ali Abbas, Abbas Makreb, Jasem Hassan
The artist Mazin Ahmed has been selected to take part in the 5th international Biennial of Contemporary Art in Florence, Italy 2005 under the title Dialogue Betweeen Civilisations.

Solo Exhibition
Lausanne, Switzerland
29 Sept-29 Oct 2005

Karim Farhan
Livres a lLre ou a Regarder

Galerie Giovanetti
Born in 1958, Baghdad Iraq. Studied art in Baghdad and Lausanne, Switzerland where he currently lives and works.  Karim Farhan draws his inspiration from his Iraqi heritage reflected in his use of matter, texture, colour and by combining signs and symbols.  With this he achieves a sense of mystery and antiquity in a contemporary style.

This is realised in his latest exhibition with the theme of books and book covers; first and last pages; gates of knowledge; poetry and spirituality, where images of peace and meditation become.

Group Exhibition
Texas, USA
17 Oct-22 Nov 2005

Dafatir: Contemporary Iraqi Book Art

University of North Texas Art Gallery
A groundbreaking exhibition representing 17 contemporary artists from Iraq will focus on dialogues between innovation and tradition.  Dafatir (the Arabic word translates as "notebooks") is organized by Dr. Nada Shabout, a native of Iraq and Assistant Professor of Art History at UNTG.  All works on view were drawn from the collection of artist Dia al-Azzawi, London, who has had the greatest impact on the development of book art in modern Iraq.  Participating Artists: Azzawi (UK), Sadiq Kawish Alfraji (Netherlands), Ammar Dawod (Netherlands), Mohammad Fakher (Iraq), Ismail Fattah, Ghassan Ghaib (Jordan), Nedim Kufi (Netherlands), Hana Mal allah (Iraq), Rafa al-Nasiri (Jordan), Mahmmud al-Obidi (Iraq),  Kareem Rissan (Iraq), Shaker Hassan Al Said,Mohammed al-Shammarey (Jordan), Samar Usama (Jordan), Nazar Yahya (Jordan).

Maqamat al-Hariri
(cover detail)

The facsimile reproduction of this important Arabic literary masterpiece contains 334 pages 38x27cm with 101 miniature illustrations by Al-Wasiti, Iraq.  This edition is presented in a high quality leather bound silk lined presentation slip case.  The manuscript is accompanied by a separate volume containing an introductory three-part essay by Oleg Grabar, Professor of Islamic Art, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA.  The essay gives firstly, the historical and cultural setting; secondly, a description of the illustrations and their relationship to the text and thirdly and outline of comparative elements and the importance of the manuscript.  It is printed in English, French, German and Arabic.   For further information or to place and order contact touchart@globalnet.co.uk

Call to Artists . Collaborative Exhibition World-Wide 

Globalising Resistance to the War in Iraq: One by One Art Exhibition

If you oppose the war in Iraq and if you own a pen or pencil, you may wish to participate in the largest collaborative artwork ever!  You do not need to be a professional artist to be part of this project of resistance.  The organization Iraq Body Count estimates that at least 25,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed because of the US invasion of Iraq; the British medical journal Lancet estimates more than 100,000 Iraqi civilian fatalities. There have been over 1,600 American fatalities.  To Participate contact Gene Fellner gene@sevenstoriesinstitute.com

Festival & Workshops
Rabat, Morocco
8 June 2005

Iraqi artists Alaa Siraih and Imad Mansour with 12 Moroccan artists.

Albert Camus School 
T 037 765339

Solo Exhibition
Toronto, Canada
27 May-9 June 2005


Dara Aram

Praxis Gallery

Group Exhibition
Doha, Bahrain
14-28 May 2005


Al Riwaq Gallery, Bahrain

Participating Artists:
Dia Al Azzawi
Rafa Al Nasiri
Mahmud Al Obaidi
Nazar Yahya
Ali Talib
Ghassan Ghaib
Kareeim Rissan

Poster Publication
The late Saad Shakir (1935-2005)
Sculpture by Khaled al-Rahhal (1926-87)

London, UK
28 April 2005

Issam El-Said
Rare collection of artworks by the late Iraqi artist, scholar, architect and thinker
The Wedding
Issam El-Said
Oil on canvas

Art Presentation (London) 
30 April – 30 May 2005
Issam El-Said: Artist . Scholar . Thinker

On the occasion of Islamic week in London and to coincide with Bonham's auction of works by the late Issam El-Said (28 April 2005), ayagallery will be presenting a rare collection of paintings and limited edition etchings by the late Issam El-Said.

Iqtarabet al Sa'ah
Limited edition etching

Solo Exhibition
Massachusetts, USA
28 Mar-4 May 2005

A Melody of Curves & Angles:
Classical Arabic and Islamic Calligraphy by

MJ Alhabeeb
Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA 
http://www.people.umass.edu/mja   http://www.cmacusa.org/HTML/exhibitions.htm

Solo Exhibition
Valencia, Spain
29 Apr-15 May 2005

Saad Ali
Medinat al-Laimoun
(City of Lemon)
Autos El Castellano

International Conference on Printmaking (Washington DC, USA)
31 Mar – 3 April 2005 . Power in Print: Southern Graphic Council International Conference . Hashim al-Tawil .   

Bringing together works by 26 graphic artists of varied nationalities and backgrounds, artist Dr Hashim al-Tawil is a participant in the print portfolio entitled Re-Interpreting the Middle East.  The work seeks to question the power of representation and counter-representation in the stereotyping of ‘East’ and ‘West’.  However, rather than bemoaning the ever-growing division between these two cultural perspectives, this project seeks to employ other pictorial and rhetorical strategies such as those of linkage, suturing, bridging, fusion, and hybridization to address this problem.

Hashim al-Tawil’s work entitled Iraqi Landscape 2005 is a presentation of the US invasion of Iraq and its impact on the culture and the society of that country.  The visual references signify the destructive, pointless invasion, occupation, and the continued loss of innocent lives of both Americans and Iraqis.  In his presentation The Plundering of Modern Iraqi Art (2003-5) Hashim al-Tawil  briefly describes the scope of loss and destruction inflicted on Modern Iraqi art immediately after the US invasion of Iraq through two major fields; The first is the looted Saddam Art Centre Markaz Saddam Lilfunun, which housed the entire collection of contemporary Iraqi visual art. The second is the public monuments scattered throughout Iraq, particularly in Baghdad e.g. The Unknown Soldier, The Martyr’s Monument and museum, The Monument of Freedom and others.  The portfolio will travel to Sharja, Doha, Amman, Michigan, and possibly Beirut (May-August 2005).  See  http://www.powerinprint.gmu.edu/ for further details.

Exhibition (Lugano Switzerland L’Officinaarte)
19 Mar – 10 Apr 2005 
O God, How Much Longer?  

This presentation of photos, videos and communications of Al-Fadhil is an interrogative that contains within itself, to a large degree, the creative project that Al Fadhil (Iraq 1955) has been developing over the past decade. In one of the three rooms of the “Officina” the artist has put at the disposition of users photographs that aim to transmit their socially problematic content by way of aesthetic vision. “Back on Earth” and “The Thing” are the titles of videos realised around the image of a bullet. In 2004 the artist tackled the question of violence, devising a trial of the bullet as a symbol of moral responsibility. The object denied all responsibility – which pertains to man, obviously – and declared its transformation into an aesthetic entity. Intervening to modify space according to the needs of the concept, without touching the object in question, is a constant in the researches of Al Fadhil. In the third room, a mask of the artist’s face, which asks “O God, how much longer?” will be placed up high, while the floor will be covered by carpets and a number of publications on art, put at the disposition of the public, to consult and add to. 
www.officina-arte.ch . ww.iraqpavilion.com . www.emergencybiennale.org

Exhibition (Ottawa, Canada) 
17 Mar - 9 Apr 2005
Farouk Kaspaules 

Farouk Kaspaules’
exhibition entitled, Traces, incorporates imagery of the Marsh Arabs and the region of the Tigris and Euphrates, extending all the way from north Iraq to Kurdistan. Traces affirms the beauty and impact of the land and the people of this region.  As an Iraqi-born Canadian artist, who left Iraq for political reasons in the mid-1970s, his work is committed to addressing cultural identity in relation to place, as both a diaspora experience and also as an artist living in Canada. The silk-screens and photomontages are layered with images of art and architecture, juxtaposed with warfare icons. The works achieve a sublime nature via their serene quality, focused moments and landscapes. Moreover, Kaspaules’ exhibition expands our visual language of war and of other human struggles.  The exhibition draws attention to our position and negotiation when understanding war and conflict and identifies the ability of visual arts to confront these issues. Kaspaules’ exhibition, presented simultaneously with the works of Josée Pellerin, connects the local and global implications of history and our every day reality.  With this, the artist Josée Pellerin presents two photo-installations addressing a correlation of our personal experiences in the city.
info@gallery101.org . www.gallery101.org

Exhibition & Publication (London UK)

4 Feb - 17 April 2005

Art Now
Jananne Al-Ani
Tate Britain

The Visit
by Jananne al-Ani
The Visit is Jananne al-Ani's most ambitious project to date, and adds to an impressive body of video and photographic work, distinguished by its finely-honed, evocative portraits and its complex, often intimate narratives.  The Visit was commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and Norwich Gallery.  Supported by Arts Council England, Film London and the Henry Moore Foundation.
The first monograph on the work of Jananne Al-Ani has been published to coincide with this exhibition.  Introduced by Steven Bode, with essays by Claire Doherty and Angela Weight. Interview with the artist by Richard Hylton.  ISBN: 1 90427 014 X. Price: £12.50. For more information contact Lindsay Evans lindsay@fvu.co.uk.  Images © The Artist. Courtesy Film and Video Umbrella.

Solo Exhibition (Washington, USA)

18 Feb - 1 April 2005
New Beginnings
Leila Kubba 
The Jerusalem Fund Gallery & The Iraqi Cultural Society
Leila Kubba was born and educated in Iraq. She studied at the Manchester College of Art and Architecture and the Corcoran College of Art Design.  She has exhibited widely in the United States and across the world.  Her works are in public and private collections including the Abu Dhabi Cultural Center, the National Gallery of Jordan and the British Museum.  http://www.thejerusalemfund.org/contactus.html.

Solo Exhibition (London UK) 

6-18 March 2005

Parallel With the Event
Kadhim al-Khalifa 
Posk Gallery 
238-246 King Street, London W6

Solo Exhibition (Washington, USA)

1-28 Feb 2005

Layered Dreams
Leila Kubba
KARMA and Evolving Perceptions

Two-Man Exhibition (Amman, Jordan)

1 March 2005

Generation's Dialogue
Mohammed Muhrildine & Dlair Saad Shaker
Orfali Gallery

Art, Poetry and Music
(Amman, Jordan)

13 & 15 Feb 2005 

Awakened by the Witch 
Poet Qassim Haddad and Artists Mohammed Amiri & Hilda Hiary
Music by Tariq al-Nassir 
Orfali Gallery

Art Journal Launch (Dubai, UAE)

: Art and Culture from the Middle East and Arab World 

Issue 1 Winter 2004/5
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief: Ali Khadra 

Solo Exhibition (Dubai, UAE)

8-18 Feb 2005

Poetic Abstractions
Rafa Nasiri
Green Art Gallery

Solo Exhibition (Amman, Jordan) 
8 Jan - 23 Feb 2005
The Tenth Maqama: Paper, Clay and Memory
Mahmoud Taha
Sponsored by Bank Audi the exhibition is hosted by 4 Walls

4 Walls . P.O.Box 841042 . Amman 11184 . Jordan 
Tel: (962-6) 5920902 Direct
Tel: (962-6) 5934111 Sheraton Amman
Fax: (962-6) 5920820  

Artwork by Mahmoud Taha

Group Exhibition (London, UK) 

17 December 2005 

Body, Soul and Seed: Artists Against Depleted Uranium

Maya Askari, iNCiA and the founding members of I&IXDU hosted a Private View of Contemporary Art at the residence of Maya Askari, London.

Contributing Artists:
Maysaloun Faraj . Leila Kubba . Jannane el-Ani . Carol Fulton . Hanna Mal Allah . Margareta Kern . Rima Farah . Anahit Sarkes . Richard Hudson . Adam Bricusse . Hani Mazhir . Kareem Risan . Malik Shuker . Mohamed Daami . Setar Kawosh . Riad Bazzaz . Assim El Rubaii . Saadi Daoud . Alaa Siraih . Rashad Salim . Peter Kennard RCA . Catpicton Phillipps RCA and Henry Hemming, who with Al Braithwaite, Stephen Stapleton and Georgie Weedon have recently published the book "OFF SCREEN" an artistic record of a year-long journey across the Middle East 2002-2003.  The exhibition featured artworks in a range of media including; paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, ceramics, installations, video works and photography.

The exhibition also featured a tribute to the late departed Artist Nuha Al Radi who died earlier in 2004 from Lukemia.

Nuha Al Radi
Just a Palm Tree

Group Exhibition
(Bad Ems, Germany)

6 Nov - 6 Dec 2004

Mohammed Abdullah
Balmoral Castle, Bad Ems, Germany

Group Exhibition
(California, USA) 

19 Oct - 5 Nov 2004

Somewhere Elsewhere
A Premiere Contemporary Art Exhibition By artists of Arab and Iranian heritage on the theme of Orientalist imagery.
Opening Reception: Worth Ryder Gallerym 116 Kroeber Hall Bancroft and College Ave. on UC Berkeley Campus, CA 94720.  T 510-642-2582

Symposium: 31 Oct 2004 at 160 Kroeber Hall. www.birwaz.org
Salwa Mikdadi . Independent Curator . PO Box 7005 . Berkeley, CA 94707

Book Fair (Frankfurt)

6-11 Oct 2004

Celebrating the Creativity of the Collaboration between Iraqi Art and Literature 
Yahya al-Wassiti with Abu Mohammed al-Harriri, Dia Azzawi with Saadi Yousif, Fadhil al-Azzawi & Nadim Kufi with al-Sayab, Ghassan Gaib with Mudhaffar al-Nawab.   Plus a selection of books from Iraqi artists: Ismael Fattah, Dia Azzawi, Rafa al-Nasiri, Ammar Dawood, Nedim Kufi, Karim Risan, Nizar Yahya, Ghassan Gaib, Hana Mal Allah, Samer Usama and Mohammed al-Shimmary.  touchart@globalnet.co.uk 

Group Project
(Baghdad, Iraq)

Winter 2002

Environment & Art

College of Fine Arts, Baghdad, Iraq
Guernica and I:Peace & War
by Qais al-Sindi

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